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1936 Harley-Davidson VLD Project

If you’re friends with me on either Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen teaser pictures of our new project, a...


Astra-Gnome: The Time and Space Car

Never has there been a car with a cooler name than the Astra-Gnome. And the logo! Isn’t that the snazziest...


The Best Part of Life

Welcome to my New Year’s Ramble! If you’re looking for something profound, you probably won’t find it here. But I...


The Road to Simi

Much as I love them, my spotlight-lovin’ motorcycles have been dominating this blog, but I can’t blame them. While Bondorella...


Boundless Enthusiasm

A few weeks ago, my friend Julian from Deus ex Machina Motorcycles asked me to be a judge for the...


Motorcycle Campout, New Bonnie Paint, and… THE RELEASE OF MY NOVEL!!!

My goodness, it’s been an exciting several weeks, and I’m way overdue updating this blog. Much of this will be...


2013 Ride – Day 10 & 11 – Seligman to Joshua Tree to Home

Seligman AZ to Orange CA… the round-a-bout way – Total Trip Mileage: 2734  Remember on Friday when I said: “And...


2013 Ride – Day 9 – Mexican Hat to Seligman

Mexican Hat, Utah – Seligman AZ – 285 miles (2185 trip mileage to date) Okay. So you know how sometimes...

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wmp_brickart2Our building restoration project on Route 66 in Winslow in hopes of someday opening the doors as a vintage motorcycle/motoring goods/pie/coffee shop.

Motor Palace Press

MPPLogoFinalA division of the Motor Palace, Motor Palace Press is a small publishing company specializing in fiction that goes VROOM! And other stories from the road.