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Route 66: Milwaukee, WI to Pontiac, IL

Day 13 – 2782 Miles MILWAUKEE, WI to PONTIAC, IL – 207 Miles I love my motorcycle. And I was...


Route 66: Time to Ride Again!

Days 10-12 Milwaukee is a wonderful city and I’ve had a swell time here (I mean, hey! They had this...


Route 66: Chicago-ish, IL to Milwaukee, WI

Day 9 –  2575 Miles from Home ??, IL to MILWAUKEE, WI – 66 Miles  We made it to our...


Route 66: Springfield, IL to Chicago-ish, IL

Day 8 – 2509 Miles from Home SPRINGFIELD, IL – ??, IL – 275 Miles I didn’t get my blog...


Route 66: Cuba, MO to Springfield, IL

Day 7 – 2234 Miles from Home CUBA, MO to SPRINGFIELD, IL – 251 Miles Nothing like putting on damp...


Route 66: Carthage, MO to Cuba, MO

Day 6 – 1983 Miles from Home CARTHAGE, MO to CUBA, MO – 239 Miles What a bizarre day. I...


Route 66: Edmond, OK to Carthage, MO

Day 5 – 1744 Miles from Home EDMOND, OK to CARTHAGE, MO – 283 Miles Nope. Were not in Kansas...


Route 66: Tucumcari, NM to Edmond, OK

Day 4 – 1461 Miles from Home TUCUMCARI, NM to EDMOND, OK – 427 Miles Talk about hellacious headwinds!! But...

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wmp_brickart2Our building restoration project on Route 66 in Winslow in hopes of someday opening the doors as a vintage motorcycle/motoring goods/pie/coffee shop.

Motor Palace Press

MPPLogoFinalA division of the Motor Palace, Motor Palace Press is a small publishing company specializing in fiction that goes VROOM! And other stories from the road.