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Route 66: Gallup, NM to Tucumcari NM

Day 3 – 1034 Miles from Home GALLUP, NM to TUCUMCARI, NM – 335 Miles After a lovely night’s stay...


Route 66: Kingman, AZ to Gallup, NM

Day 2 – 699.6 Miles from Home KINGMAN, AZ to GALLUP, NM – 368 Miles Over the last couple of...


Route 66: Orange, CA to Kingman, AZ

Day 1 – 331 Miles from Home ORANGE, CA. to KINGMAN, AZ – 331 Miles At long last our Route-66-to-Chicago-to-Milwaukee...


Anniversary Road Cruise

Consider this a test post–with a little road trip update mixed in, you know, for practice.


A Whole Bunch of Stuff Crammed into One Post!

Yeah, I know. I’ve been slackin’. But there’s been a lot going on lately! Like what, you ask? Well… my...

At the Henry Ford Museum.

Bondorella’s Dream House

Seriously. How perfect is this house for Bondorella? They’re twins! Granted, together they could blind aliens, but it would BE...


Organic Carrots and a Prize!

Easter morning, we were layin’ around be lazy, waitin’ for the Easter Bunny to bring us chocolate (which he never...


Everyone loves a Wigwam!

Over the weekend, my feller celebrated his birthday and when asked what he wanted to do, he of course said,...

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wmp_brickart2Our building restoration project on Route 66 in Winslow in hopes of someday opening the doors as a vintage motorcycle/motoring goods/pie/coffee shop.

Motor Palace Press

MPPLogoFinalA division of the Motor Palace, Motor Palace Press is a small publishing company specializing in fiction that goes VROOM! And other stories from the road.