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Bondorella’s New Friend! Triumph TR25W!

The only thing that can add to Bondorella’s already off-the-charts beauty (I’m a little biased…) is to put a motorcycle...


Mooneyes Annual Christmas Party!

Check it out! Bondorella found her way into another magazine! Thanks to our pal Tony T-Bone Colombini for this great...


It’s Just Old Glass, Right?

I’ll admit it. I had a ridiculous attachment to Bondorella’s old windshield. An unreasonable attachment, some might say. I liked...


Bondorella goes Surfin’!

Every summer when I was a teenager, we’d escape the Arizona heat and spend a couple weeks on the California...


Return to Winfield’s

Bondorella hit an exciting landmark this past weekend. Is there a word like quinceanera but for a first birthday?? Unoceanera?...


Bondorella acting like a truck!

It figures! As soon as we got home from our Winslow trip, we found the PERFECT bathtub for the Motor...


Fall Route 66 Tour

THE MOTHER ROAD TO THE MOTOR PALACE First off, I have to admit… Bondorella did not get to go on...


Yikes! No Brakes!

Bondorella’s Brake Failure And how to fix bad brakes… the slow way… I came to appreciate something a few Saturdays...

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wmp_brickart2Our building restoration project on Route 66 in Winslow in hopes of someday opening the doors as a vintage motorcycle/motoring goods/pie/coffee shop.

Motor Palace Press

MPPLogoFinalA division of the Motor Palace, Motor Palace Press is a small publishing company specializing in fiction that goes VROOM! And other stories from the road.