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L.A. Roadster Show!

Like Bondorella’s new flames? Ha ha ha! Nope. I didn’t paint her. This is what happens at sunset. Pretty, huh?...


Bondorella’s 1st El Mirage Trip!

I like taking pictures. A lot. Ever since getting Bondorella back on the road last September, I’d wanted to drive...


Oh so foul…

Bondorella went on her longest journey yet, traveling 263 miles from Orange County California to Las Vegas Nevada, and for...


Headliner Woes

When I bought Bondorella, her interior was pretty much stripped.No headliner, visors, knobs, dash pieces, ashtray… you get the point....


Putting in the Wood Bed!

There’s nothing purtier then a wood bed in a pickup, don’t you think? My Bondorella, though, didn’t have one. No....


Vacuum Wiper Conversion

There’s this myth that it never rains in Southern California. You know what? It’s a lie. It does. (Cool photo...

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wmp_brickart2Our building restoration project on Route 66 in Winslow in hopes of someday opening the doors as a vintage motorcycle/motoring goods/pie/coffee shop.

Motor Palace Press

MPPLogoFinalA division of the Motor Palace, Motor Palace Press is a small publishing company specializing in fiction that goes VROOM! And other stories from the road.