The Road to Simi

Much as I love them, my spotlight-lovin’ motorcycles have been dominating this blog, but I can’t blame them. While Bondorella gets her weekly exercise, she hasn’t had any grand adventures lately, nothing thrilling enough to write about. I mean, how many times can I say “my truck is so pretty”? (She is, of course!)


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Adventures with Bonnie

My Bonneville gave me a bit of an adventure over the weekend, not exactly the best kind of adventure, but an adventure nonetheless.

The day started at the Motor Palace with baths for the bike (an ‘o4 Triumph Bonneville) and for Bondorella. The Trump was totally covered in dust–no surprise since I hadn’t ridden her since January. I’m guessing that neglect played a role in our wee adventure.

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The Triumph Project Begins… For real this time…

The other day, after spending many hours at the Motor Palace working on my Triumph project (more on that in a minute), I was driving Miss Bondorella home, and nearly got rear-ended, not once, but twice, so I reckoned something had gone a-foul, and sure enough, when I got home and checked my brake lights, they were in fact dead.

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Bondorella acting like a truck!

It figures! As soon as we got home from our Winslow trip, we found the PERFECT bathtub for the Motor Palace! Phase one of the project is to get an apartment built at the back of the building so when we’re working on the place, we have somewhere to stay. We’ve been looking for the ideal clawfoot tub for the bathroom, and hadn’t found one. The day we got home from Winslow, we found this beauty on Craigslist right in our town of Orange, owned by an Urban Designer named Al and his wife Anna. Al went to school in Flagstaff and is very familiar with the Winslow Main Street project. How perfect, right?? Bondorella, of course, was more than happy to help out. Nice edition to her bed, eh?