2013 Ride – Day 10 & 11 – Seligman to Joshua Tree to Home

Seligman AZ to Orange CA… the round-a-bout way – Total Trip Mileage: 2734 

Remember on Friday when I said: “And this will be the last vacation post. There will be nothing worth writing about tomorrow.” Well… I lied.

As usual, my amazing feller kept the fun going. Instead of blasting home on the 40 as planned, a friend, who had reservations in Holbrook at the Wigwams thought it would be fun to intersect along the road and have lunch. They were heading East. We were heading West. The plan was to meet in Needles around 130ish, which gave us time to take the long way via Route 66. We had steady rain from Seligman all the way through Kingman, but not enough to hinder the ride. In fact, it made it cooler! After a super quick stop in Kingman to grab this shot I’ve been wanting to take for the last three years…

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