2013 Ride – Day 9 – Mexican Hat to Seligman

Mexican Hat, Utah – Seligman AZ – 285 miles (2185 trip mileage to date)

Okay. So you know how sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in the moment that you can’t imagine breaking the spell? That was the case today as we rode through Monument Valley and why we never stopped for pictures (and yesterday why we had no pictures of Glen Canyon). The experience is so amazing and awe inspiring that the thought of pulling over never crosses the mind. Up until we checked into our motel in Seligman, I took just one picture all day, and that was right before we left the San Juan Creek Inn. Blame it on Mother Nature’s beauty and Mother Nature’s drama. + Read More

2013 Ride -Day 4- Las Vegas to Denver

Las Vegas, New Mexico – Denver, Colorado – (Ummm… forget to check mileage again. Like 350 I think)

Our morning ride took us away from the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas…

three-one + Read More