2013 Ride – Day 10 & 11 – Seligman to Joshua Tree to Home

Seligman AZ to Orange CA… the round-a-bout way – Total Trip Mileage: 2734 

Remember on Friday when I said: “And this will be the last vacation post. There will be nothing worth writing about tomorrow.” Well… I lied.

As usual, my amazing feller kept the fun going. Instead of blasting home on the 40 as planned, a friend, who had reservations in Holbrook at the Wigwams thought it would be fun to intersect along the road and have lunch. They were heading East. We were heading West. The plan was to meet in Needles around 130ish, which gave us time to take the long way via Route 66. We had steady rain from Seligman all the way through Kingman, but not enough to hinder the ride. In fact, it made it cooler! After a super quick stop in Kingman to grab this shot I’ve been wanting to take for the last three years…

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2013 Ride -Day 1-Orange to Winslow

Orange California – Winslow Arizona – 554 miles

In August of 2009, I took my first “big ride,” two weeks on a motorcycle, 2400 miles, the scariest road I’ve been on even to this day, and by far, the most intense storm. It was… amazing. If you’re bored sometime, check it out. Every now and then, when I need to relive it, I go back and read the entire trip, or read the Milwaukee trip from last year, and I’m transported to the road. So even though it’s sometimes a pain getting the blog up, I’m glad I did it, and even though I’m not yet inspired, I’ll continue the tradition with this trip. Where are we heading? Yep. Denver again, for another Harley Dealer Meeting. Although this time, we’re going a different route.

Brian wanted to be up at three am and hit the road by four to beat the heat through the desert, but of course, that didn’t quite happen. Up at five, and on the road by seven-ish… although we had to turn back after we got gas. Brian’s ridiculous tower of luggage started to lean. You ought to read some of the Facebook comments on his pack job. We have some pretty funny friends.

Road01Anyway, he ditched that top roll bag, and we were off! + Read More

Bye Bye Winslow!

Well… we’re back in SoCal now after a great, productive week in Winslow and we miss the Motor Palace already. Sadly, the tile guy wasn’t able to do the bathroom while we were there so we didn’t get to stay in the building, but we still made tons of progress.

I’ll leave you with way too many pictures of the week.


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Motor Palace 2013

Road trip time!


Over the two years we’ve owned the Motor Palace, we’ve never stayed more than a couple of days at a time, and even though we have a great contractor, completing our “motel room” is taking forever because we’re not in Winslow to make choices. + Read More

Route 66: Elk City, OK to Santa Rosa, NM

Day 17 – 4095 Miles

ELK CITY, OK to SANTA ROSA, NM – 372 Miles

Brian and I both awoke salivating for New Mexico-styled grub… with lots of chiles, our culinary staple. So instead of taking the slow road through the rest of Oklahoma and Texas, we blasted out of Elk City, jumped on the Interstate, and burned some miles to get closer to Santa Rosa, New Mexico and Joseph’s perfect enchiladas.

The Mother Road kept calling us back, though, when the superslab monotony became too much.


We nearly got into a heap o’trouble east of Amarillo after passing up cheap gas in Conroy and continuing on old 66 with plans to fuel in the next small town. As we flew through the desert at 75 (the posted limit) I looked down the straighter-than-straight road and watched the asphalt disappear into a mirage at the horizon with no–and I mean NO–sign of civilization. Uh oh. And we already had 139 miles on our tanks.

To give you an idea, at home, under normal driving conditions, I’ll go on reserve at about 125 miles. Even though we’ve been getting extraordinary mileage on the trip (close to 60), we’ve played it safe and usually fuel around 120. So here we are in the middle of Texas with no gas in sight and beyond where our gas tanks usually go on reserve. The iPhone said Amarillo was about 20 miles away, cutting it close, yes, but what choice did we have? Back on the Interstate, and just as I hit reserve at an amazing 146 miles, we saw an exit with gas. Yee haw! Granted it was low octane (90) and the bikes had been loving the 93 in the states east of there, but at least we weren’t sittin’ on the side of the road selling our dirty laundry for gas.

Once into New Mexico, we pulled off on Exit 321 on the recommendation of a guidebook and followed the newly paved Route through silt-filled tunnels…

And ghost towns…


But one ghost town in particular had us intrigued. One we’d seen from the Interstate on our way East. One Brian had read about. One we didn’t know the name of. About fifteen miles past Montoya, we turned around thinking we’d passed it (or rather, I did) and explored a dead-end section we’d earlier ignored. Nope. Just a dead-end.


So we burned it back down the Interstate and just as Brian guessed, we found it about 20 miles east of Santa Rosa, an abandoned town called Cuervo.


Talking to this kind man who stopped to chat, it seems the town died around 1957 when half of it was mowed down by the I-40 construction and the railroad moved some of the workers further down the line.

He grew up in Cuervo, baptized in this very church.

A photographers dream, and me with just my iPhone to shoot it. Here’s but a few snaps of the many Cuervo buildings.






I could keep posting, but I’m sure you get the idea. Especially amazing are the adobes, that look as if they’d wash away in the rain yet remain standing.


When our stomachs started growling with the proximity to Joseph’s, we pulled ourselves away and indulged in our favorite. Oh darling… How I’ve missed you!


Until tomorrow,

Later gators!


And as always, click to read about life on the road from Brian’s perspective!

Anniversary Road Cruise

Consider this a test post–with a little road trip update mixed in, you know, for practice.


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A Whole Bunch of Stuff Crammed into One Post!

Yeah, I know. I’ve been slackin’. But there’s been a lot going on lately!

Like what, you ask?

Well… my club, the Gasoline Girls have been building a demolition derby car for a charity event! You can read all the details on our blog!



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Bondorella’s Dream House


Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum photo.

Seriously. How perfect is this house for Bondorella? They’re twins! Granted, together they could blind aliens, but it would BE SO WORTH IT!

What is it? The Dymaxion House (formerly) in Rose Hill, Kansas photo circa. 1949–one of only two prototypes of the R. Buckminster Fuller-designed prefab house, donated in 1991 to the Henry Ford Museum by the William Graham family. It’s now been restored and open for viewing at the Ford museum. Eee gads! I have to see this house! 

At the Henry Ford Museum.

At the Henry Ford Museum.

In August, we’re hopping on the motorcycles for a three week adventure across Route 66, ending in Milwaukee for the Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary dealer meeting, and really, Dearborn isn’t that far out of the way, right? I mean, what’s another 365 miles (on top of the 2051 to get from Orange to Milwaukee) to go see the most amazing house ever built??? Plus, I’d get to see the Ford Museum! I think Bondorella would approve…

Stay tuned for details….

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